Interface a camera with a VFD

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I have a random ADC from TI, a 140*32 VFD from Noritake, a composite output camera, and a Mojo v3, so I'm going to see what the best-looking thing I can make out of it will be.

  • 1 × Noritake GU140x32F-7000 VFD This is the VFD.
  • 1 × Mojo v3 EmbeddedMicro FPGA

  • Parallel ports and data rates

    Paúl01/21/2015 at 03:12 0 comments

    In order to interface to the VFD, I need a datasheet for it. I found that datasheet here:

    As I need a high refresh rate to display interesting information, and I want to learn how to implement something in Verilog that isn't an RS232 port, I'm using the VFD's parallel port. I have heard that these VFDs can manage 60-70Hz refresh rates so I'll try pushing the limits with animation. As a rough calculation, the data I'll be sending at 60Hz over each of the 8 parallel ports is

    \color{White} \large \approx \frac{({144*32})(60)}{8} = 33600 bits/s \approx 33kHz

    which is certainly manageable with a 50MHz Spartan6.

    Pinouts for the parallel connector:

    Pin numberSignal nameFunctionDirection
    2VCCPower (6VDC max)I
    4RSSwitch signalI
    5/WRData writeI
    6/RDData readI
    7D0Data inputIO
    8D1Data inputIO
    9D2Data inputIO
    10D3Data inputIO
    11D4Data inputIO
    12D5Data inputIO
    13D6Data inputIO
    14D7Data inputIO

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