New Features:

0.83 check for new devices when opening comm dialog. No need to restart.
0.83 add Upload all .lua files to install multiple files in one click
0.83 add Custom button that executes a user defined file.

0.82 add Upload all changed files command to filename dropdown list.
0.82 add ! to mark recently changed files in filename dropdown list.
0.82 right click DTR and RTS to set defaults at startup.

0.81 add check mark on recently accessed documentation.
0.81 automatically load LLbin.lua if missing.

0.80 better error handling on binary uploads.
0.80 added remove Workspace to File - Workspace
0.80 added change Folder to Help - Local Documentation.
0.80 added COM2 and COM4 to comm dropdown list as defaults.

0.79 upload binary files added. Load LLbin.lua first.

0.78 add filter options to file list drop down menu (right click)

0.77 removed the dofile prompt after uploading
0.77 changed the Hide Garbage setting default to False
0.77 Changed the caption above the baud rate to show the COM port number

0.76 added wifi.setmode to the [Survey] button to ensure wifi.STATIONAP mode

0.75 added ADC to [Read] button with autorepeat for continuous ADC display

0.74 added buttons to set DTR and RTS outputs
0.74 added monitor to read CTS input

0.73 fix crash when user entered an illegal com port name
0.73 fix Hide Garbage on restart (NodeMcu became NodeMCU)
0.73 added file.format() button [Format] to replace [remove all] button
0.73 updated [cat] to not require LuaLoader.lua file and format for cut and paste

0.72 add Help - Local Documentation - opens files or shortcuts in a local folder
0.72 add [remove all] button to delete all files on the ESP8266
0.72 prettify file.list formatting

0.71 Updated links to NodeMcu latest firmware
0.71 Improved formatting of [survey] command

0.70 Revision for checking version information from NodeMcu
0.70 Fixed node.heap() after upload

0.69 Revised GPIO pin numbers for build 2014.12.19 from NodeMcu
0.69 Added Help link for Bit Module

0.68 Support for COM10-COM255 added
0.68 More Help resource links in the Help Menu for Lua and ESP8266
0.68 Optional automatic change to 921600 baud when uploading
0.68 Baud rate panel turns red if comm port is disconnected
0.68 Fixed a bug related to not having a log file

0.67 New coloured skin
0.67 Fixed a bug in adding ESP files to drop down menu

0.66 Added Workspace selection to File menu - Workspaces are automatically created when uploading a file.
0.66 Files in dropdown menu that are on the ESP are indicated with a < prefix.
0.66 Fixed file not found bug if files have been moved.

0.65 fixed random characters in entry window bug
0.65 tmr.stop menu addition - right click to choose 0 to 7 timers

0.64 [Load] file list automatically populated with Working Directory contents (*.lua)

0.63 Save typed text in pulldown history for rapid re-entry

0.62 reconnect COM port automatically after bin reflash

0.61 log time stamps for Hard restart and soft restart
0.61 added Wifi status button
0.61 automatically revert to 9600 baud on connection errors (usually restart)

0.60 Upload with no echo.
0.60 Set baud rate up to 921600.

0.58 Monitor firmware and API on github and notify of changes.
0.58 Added folder of examples to try.

0.55 Date stamp the log file each time [dofile] is clicked.
0.55 Tools menu - links to download latest firmware, flasher
0.55 Added 74880 to baud rate list.
0.55 Allow non-standard baud rates.

0.54 tmr.stop() - stops timers 0 and 1 on click and upload.

0.53 View Log menu item (file association must be set for .log).
0.53 Edit button for lua files (file association must be set for .lua).

0.52 Added support for pullup resistors in gpio.mode()

0.51 Checks for using latest LuaLoader and latest NodeMCU.
0.51 Logs to a file.
0.51 GPIO monitor shows on a single line.
0.51 Optionally hide garbage when doing node.restart().

0.5 Autorepeat GPIO read function for monitoring an input.
0.5 Sample code included in zip file.
0.5 Additional Help links to useful resources.

0.4 Set mode, read and write GPIO buttons.
0.4 Status Bar shows latest LuaLoader and...

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