• Project scrapped

    Audrey Robinel04/09/2018 at 04:40 0 comments

    Hello everyone!

    This is not an update for this robot, but rather a closure log.

    Indeed, this project was scrapped a long time ago, and i progressed a lot, so that i don't see this robot worthy of anything but simply learning.

    It was neither very precise, nor well built. It was my first complete raspberry pi robot, and i liked it but it was flawed. If you are starting in robotics, you can probably learn a thing or two there, but still, i have more interesting robots to show as of now :

    The first one is more complex, but superior in many aspects to the second one. However, R.Ian is simpler, and way cheaper, but less capable than R.Hasika.

    Still, both robots share A LOT, and they may later on converge.

    Unlike R.Cerda, both are active projects (although they don't see a lot of updates now, because i work on other projects very actively these days; however this work will eventually transfer to these robots, and huge progress will come to those robots), and you have no reasons to build a R.Cerda instead of a R.Ian or a R.Hasika.

    So, see you there :)

  • French tutorial

    Audrey Robinel01/23/2015 at 03:47 0 comments

    Hi there,

    I ported my previous tutorials to my wiki (from a forum), thus rendering them easier to follow and understand, for french readers. Here is the link to the french wiki project, including a full tutorial until i translate everything. I will however post various resources (pictures, including drawings describing the project.

    Here is the electronic setup for this robot :

    See you soon!

  • About this project

    Audrey Robinel01/20/2015 at 23:25 0 comments

    As said in the description, this project was created to build a simple to build robot, and keep it cheap. It may not be the ultimate robot, but it is a good way to start learning. I may improve this robot in multiple ways, however, i won't. Indeed, in most cases, each improvement would increase the coast, and/or the complexity of the project. This is why i will keep it as it is. If one is interested by a superior robot in the same class, please consult the project page of R.Hasika, my next robot based on a raspi (here on hackaday.io).

    Considering all of this, i will probably post few project logs, since the robot is not beeing developped. However, if corrections are to be made (while beeing simple), i will post it.

    This project is already done and finished, i just have to post all the indications. I already wrote those, but in french, so i have to translate everything here. See you soon!