Perfboard version of the circuit

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This is the scad file used to generate the chassis parts. At the end of the files are two lines : comment one for the bottom part, and comment the other for the top part. It uses the lipoBattHolder.scad file, that must be in the same folder. Please print this other part before to test with your batteries before, and adjust size if needs be.

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A simple lipo battery holder openscad file. I use it to plug longer lipo cells with battery protection board. This part is used 4 times in the robot. prior to printing the robot, print one of those, and check that it's the good length for your batteries. If not, adjust until you have a good fit. Then print the robot chassis, it will be updated properly.

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This is the stage 2 of the chassis, where the Raspberry pi gets screwed on, the lipo charger, and the sensors. It screws on top of the bottom part of the chassis. It has holes to add another layer and a top cover.

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Lower part of the R.Hasika chassis. It's mostly closed towards the bottom, with 8 holes : two pairs for screws holes to secure the motors, two holes for the motors axis, and two for the idle sprocket blocks.
In contains room for 4 lipo 18650 cells, and wire management.
Once everything is screwed in position, it is almost waterproof.

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