What's that Rf sound like.

A project log for Enter the complex world of SDR

Tune the radio to your favorite FM station , and as the songs base starts to rev you up. The hacker within asks, "how does radio"?

Dr.Droopy NayheyDr.Droopy Nayhey 02/21/2015 at 05:200 Comments

Car key-fob, Ti chronos, walkie talkie. You can read about the signals. or you can see them here!

I'll start off.

When i lock my car with my key..clicky thingy

Note :

i captured Some of these using the awesome free software SDR# download it here.. Well via the link below

Cool eh?

Now you the reader may be asking

"Dr D, how did you know where to look to find this sweet wave, for your lame car clearly average Joe isn't privy to such info".

DR.Droopy says

I looked at the internal label of the keyfob, and i found 315mhz. It said something like 315mhz and some patent jibba-jabber, and a bar-code" scribed within it's factory label ...

So to recap i found the RF frequency etched upon the keyfob.

Using this free software and the that cheap little DVB stick and setting sdr shrap to the printed freq and I click the LOCK button on my Keyclicky

Ahoy! OOK (On/off keeying sent to my car rf language to tell my whip"Lock em doors up, son!")

We will cover decoding it later, and for now dear sailor ; we simply seek to view the waves. Soon we may understand the waves, also we shall praise the great...

Michael Ossmann

Really though Michael Ossmann is a present day Zues... Except, instead of thunder Micheal Ossmann is God of RF THUNDER.. Webaite below

Though to be honest I don't presently own a HackRF , nor do i Own anything built by the rf~ZUES, it's only because I make little more than minimum wage, and currently I have 35$ in the bank towards a HackRF

Yup This is how i envision me, the hack RF and that ghost Knight from Indiana Jones.

...Moving on

For my next trick; the same session, the same RTL-SDR, and the same madness i present...

Using the cheap device we can migrate from the wild world of car locks to this radio station...

NOW, you can say your friends in a raspy ex solder kinda voice

"Have you ever seen a radio stations, have you ever seen it's waves"?

*Sdr sharp is awesome, It's easy to use and gives you the proverbial binoculars to your 17th centenary search. My criticism of SDR# is purely based on the Dev being closed source.

Or "Hey don't touch my awesome code, or I'll sue your balls to the walls". Which by all rights isn't a legitimate issue; more of a pet-peeve. I guess if i developed something that could make me mad cash I would be stingy on my softwares copyrights too..

Well not really, I'd like them hackers to take my code and improve it. So let's Look at the same signals via other apps!


Before we look at other software let me recap..

Your car stereo, and your cars's keyfob are pretty much cousins. I bet you didn't relate the two, nor had any idea they were both waves in our RF surfing competition..