Week review

A project log for BCAM - 2D computer-aided manufacturing

If you are hobbyist and existing free and open source CAM programs do not satisfy you, take a look at BCAM.

snegovickSnegovick 01/24/2015 at 13:270 Comments

Okay, this week was quite active for project.

Ive added new pocketing code, which works much better than old code, but this code came with a price: it works slow.

Current version is not optimized at all, so I might gain some performance by staring at the code, but for now, I will have to move pocketing to separate thread or process and will add progress bar to show how far BCAM is on the way to complete pocketing path. I really-really dont want to do that because I hate slow programs, but thats the only idea I have for pocketing now. Maybe my algo is just too shitty and I will rewrite it into something better one day, who knows!

Aside from that Ive added push buttons to settings tab. Not a big deal, but it only had spinners there before, also, BCAM now starts maximized, because im tired of clicking maximize button.

The next week will be devoted to finishing of pocketing:

I will have to add progress bar, move calculation to separate thread/process and review and fix the G-Code for pocketing. After that I think it will be worth a release. But not packaged yet, just the code. The next 0.3 release will be devoted to adding python setuptools, maybe deb packaging and all that side-stuff.