v0.2 release ready

A project log for BCAM - 2D computer-aided manufacturing

If you are hobbyist and existing free and open source CAM programs do not satisfy you, take a look at BCAM.

snegovickSnegovick 01/25/2015 at 12:380 Comments

Finally pocketing is fixed and works now. Code is here:

Development repository is obviously at github.

Aside from pocketing, scrolling with shift/ctrl was added for convenience, python logging module was finally integrated and of course a bunch of bugs was fixed. So hopefully 0.2 made BCAM better =)

The pictures are from pocketing test with Shapeoko.

The source DXF (in LibreCAD) looks like that:

Same drawing in BCAM, with pocketing applied (no finishing step, thats why border is not perfect):

Tool trajectories:

Ive set 1mm depth for test, here is the result:

Size check: