Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been very busy with school and work, not to mention my Reagans exams are in 3 weeks. so about the TRICORDER. I will use mostly open source hard wear but I will program my own OS for the devise. I will have many steps for prototyping.

first stage. open table bread board prototyping.

This is the stage that I take the hard wear and lay it down and get a bread board and my mini computer and my laptop, in this case being an adrinio. I will experiment with many brake out boards and mini computers . IE... Red board, R3 Mega,......

the next stage is to get the raw components and some proto boards and hook it all up, in the end it should be the size of a Samsung galaxy and only a little thicker.

the final stage I open up some eagle cad and then design a body 5 sensor bards and all the other hookups. buy the raw parts and put it to gather and then start working on revisions.

in the bred board stage there will be more sensors and components thus requiring to build many models and then taking the best of Many worlds and then building the best model and then I will release it.

if you wish to contact me My email is no funny comments its what I would remember.

till next time