EL Wire Costume Shield

A shield containing dimming, wireless comunicaction and batery port to control an EL wire costume with an Arduino Leonardo

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This shield will bring together all what you need to design a costume with wireless EL Wire: dimming electronics, a socket for the RF module, plugs for the inverter and for the battery. It will be designed to work with an Arduino Leonardo since this is the only one that has separate SPI pins (used by the RF module nRF2401+ from Nordic)
Instead of controlling the inverters power supply like I will directly dim the high voltage output like
I'll reuse all the code that I can from:
It's not a "design from scratch" project but a "get together" one.

------------- Update -------------

Finally I didn´t make the shield. It was not sustainable from a costs point of view.
We ended using:
*Arduino Leonardo
*SparkFun EL wire shield
*nRF24L01+ module with integrated amplifier

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