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A project log for IPad Mini retina screen to Oculus Rift

About a year ago i figured out the connections to put an ipad mini retina screen onto an oculus rift, this is our story.

charliexcharliex 01/22/2015 at 22:430 Comments

You don't need to do what i did and chop up (ultimately two, though one is now a dedicated xbmc remote) ipad mini 2's to get the screen, since they're available now on ebay/alibaba etc.

Example :-

Sometimes these sellers are shifting 'B" stock so they're often rejects from the factory line, maybe dark spots or other small inconsistencies. So buyer beware on that. $50 in the USA seems average.

I'm trying to dig up the order for the pcb mounted fpc connector, so i get the right part. i got it off alibaba/aliexpress.