PiFM and the Multicore Pi's

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tomwsmftomwsmf 02/04/2016 at 04:381 Comment


Stop, start, restart, restop, restart.

The multicore RPis do not work well or at all with the PiFM code. Some folks are attempting to fix this. I nthe mean time I have moved the FM section of the project to a less mobile solution but one that works for what I am using it for.

The PiZero seems to run PiFM fine. As I have just one and it is on use on another project it might be a while before I get to reintergrating PiFM into Anyfesto.


tomwsmf wrote 02/04/2016 at 05:05 point

One item I am working with is the FM Module from Adafruit. It is small, breadboard friendly and will fit nicely in the cases I am using. 
Initial test are good though I am not all that happy with the range.

Adafruit has done a lot of the leg work in getting code snippets for most of the functionality.

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