1 yr Update

A project log for Voyage 200 Upgrades

Following up with nearly a decade old thread about overclocking TI's V200 with a bit of a twist

michael-obrienMichael O'Brien 02/23/2016 at 06:591 Comment

So it's been just over a year. I had misplaced my V200 for about 2 months while not being to work on it. Charged up the batteries and it still works flawlessly. I've been very busy at my place of work and have been moving foward with some lighting projects which I'll put up here later. I've not have any crashes outside of the ones in the test I've mentioned and everything is still stable @ ~27.5-27.6 MHz. I'll be working on the back lighting in the near future and also I've identified the LDO for the LCD drivers. I have not though, been able to identify which LDO models they are.


Richard wrote 02/22/2019 at 15:30 point

Have you been able to figure out the part number for LCD driver LDOs? I am trying to fix a voyage 200 and it looks like both of these LDOs are dead. They have around 3.6vdc on the inputs--maybe a 3.3v output LDO? Can't find the marking code or a similar one with the same pinout.

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