If I build an electronic device, how long can I expect it to function? 

Influencing factors of an electronic design life would be:

- Temperature

- Humidity

- Light and UV rays 

- EMC pulses exposure 

- Semiconductor diffusion 

- General lifetime of the passive components ( capacitors, rechargeable batteries, etc )

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If I buy an electronic device, how muck will it live? 

Keeping in mind the factors I mentioned above, I made a few videos discussing these issues:

Moreover, here is what happens with exposing your device to high humidity or liquid splash:

   Looking at these videos, it beceames clear to everione that every device that you buy from the market these days has a limited lifetime. The estimated lifetime of a laptop or a mobile phone that is being used an average of 5 h/day, I would say should nout exceed around 4-5 years in ideal conditions. Eventually, the water in the air and the repetead heating of the components, will put an end to it's life. It is also true that these degrading factors, can act faster in some cases. This is why, even for good devices and for good designs, you don't get a warranty period taht is greater than 3 years. 

   Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. I know somebody who had a ceapish laptop that lasted for 7 years. The battery died as expected after about 3 years, but the laptop was still functional and the respective person was using it with a plugged in adapter. When I investigated this a little bit, I realised that the respective person, was using the laptop exclusively for studies and it was rarely watching movies. This meant that the motherboard was exposed to less thermical stress. Another factor was that person was living in a very dry environment that was rarely reaching the 50% RH limit. Nevertheless. the machine died after 7 years of usage even in these perfect conditions. So nothing is forever.

What are the tips for a longer life? 

Ok. Let’s say you bought yourself an electronic device. A mobile phone, a tablet, a new computer, a printer: anything. What would be the tips for a longer life or what can you do to preserve the product in a usable state for as long as possible. Well, here are some tips:

What are the bottlenecks and the weak points of a device? 

How can I improve my design? 

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What would be an efficient way to have a PCB in the context of longevity? 

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Can you tell me more about EMC and how this influences lifespan? 

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What other tests shall I perform to make sure I have a good product? 

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