K.C. Lee wrote 08/15/2018 at 10:58 point

You really should crop off the LED lamp part of that graph as I was expecting to see talk about LED.

> If you expose the capacitors to a temperature that exceeds 25 Celsius degree with 15 to 20 degrees, the lifetime of the component shortens in half. 

Capacitor lifetime parameter are usually given at their maximum rated temperature in their datasheet - NOT 25C.

> Bust-Buck converters

Spelling mistake.

>go for some Bust-Buck converters that will function at 100-150KHz and hopefully, a simple 100uF capacitor will be more than enough even after 10 years 

It won't be a ''simple'' 100uF cap any more as you have to design with the right type of capacitor.  A switch mode supply has ripple current that can cause self heating effects in the capacitor which you haven't taken into account.  100uF may or may not be high enough at 100 -150kHz depending on capacitor type and what type of load.

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