NAS using a Banana Pi with a 2,5" Sata HDD

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I needed a casing for my Banana Pi based NAS server. So I did create a housing cut out of 3mm high density fibreboard. And named it BANANANAS; )

Not much to tell here, measure the connectors of the Banana Pi, test the bending capabilities of the Sata cable and design the case. The case was designed in QCAD under Linux Mint.

I tried to put as many connectors on the outside as possible, but with connectors on all sides I had to find another solution. The HDMI-Port and the Micro-USB Port need to be plugged in before assembling the casing. There are two holes in the side for the cables.

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    Step 1

    First mount the 2,5" Sata HDD with M3 screws onto the buttom plate of the case. The red lines in the CAD drawing indicate the position of the HDD and the Banana Pi.

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    Step 2

    After that mount the Banana Pi above the HDD using the separators.

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    Step 3

    Connect the Sata cable to both the Banana Pi and the HDD. Furthermore connect the micro usb cable to the Banana Pi.

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lionwang wrote 07/24/2015 at 05:01 point

banana pi support forum :

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dave wrote 01/29/2015 at 22:52 point

I wish I knew how to make a custom case like that. It'd be very useful.

Very nice work!

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Alex365 wrote 01/29/2015 at 23:16 point

Thank you! Take a look at QCAD, it might be a bit hard to start with, but after a short learning period it's a great tool. It has many 2D tools you also find in expensive CAD tools like Siemens NX or AutoCAD.

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