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Resurrecting a Psion Series 5 PDA with modern innards

rasmusbRasmusB 03/20/2017 at 20:144 Comments

Finally you can order your keyboard adapters ready to go from me!

Order from my Tindie store. With your order you'll receive a keyboard adapter, programmed with the Arduino bootloader and a LED blink sketch (that is how I test the boards).


Herrhausschuh wrote 02/02/2018 at 22:27 point

With your adapter and a psion keyboard, is it possible to connect the psion 5 keyboard to a Samsung Android smartphone supporting otg via usb?

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rikelliott wrote 04/05/2017 at 14:51 point

doh! out of stock both times I got the alert from tindie.

I'll have to be faster! Thanks for getting these produced, it will be very useful. I'm thinking the pi zero w will be my SBC of choice for a psion upgrade. I had it rigged up the other day with the psion talking to the pi via RS232 in the terminal app. I had to use a TTL level shifter to get them talking, but it worked pretty well.

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RasmusB wrote 04/05/2017 at 15:50 point

Sorry, I had some production issues and had to fix the boards manually so filling up stock has been slow. There is one on stock right now if you are quick :)

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rikelliott wrote 04/05/2017 at 17:25 point

got it! thanks for the heads up

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