This is a light effect tower that listen to the music. There are different modes: some are similar to a VU meter and two similar to strobo lights. The core is a PIC micro controller that samples a microphone, it calculates the max level of noise and scale up the current sample so the highest lights always blink with any level of noise: when in VU meter mode the highest full scale lights will blink if you are talking quietly and when there is loud music, no need to adjust volume.

The triangular part lights up to the beat. 40 windows samples of calculated sound intensity are stored and the average is compared with the current one. if it is higher 1.5 times the triangular part lights up or the strobo effect is triggered.

The column is high about 1.5 meters and made of 16 sections.

The body is made of 6mm acrylic and milled with my home made CNC router. I used a 90° V wood router bit to engrave and a 1/8" wood router bit to cut the profile.

The electronic components are tied up with fishing wire to a support made of 2mm clear acrylic. I marked the holes with a V bit on my CNC and I drilled them by hand as the drill bit was too little for the router.

Here is the "schematic" that focus on the displacement of the components on the acylic and how to hold the components with the fishing wire.