Vehicle Open Remote Platform - Open source, easily expandable, alarm/starter module for automobiles

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Recently my favorite alarm-starter module bit the dust. I want to replace it but they are expensive. Vehicle electrical systems are relatively simple.. why can't I just make one? With GPS, bluetooth, maybe a constant cellular-data connection..........

Device is assembled and code is written but project is currently shelved. The target vehicle is in the rebuild stage and not ready for electrical component testing. The garage in which the vehicle will be built is also currently being built.

The device will be relatively simple. It needs to have a lot of 12v inputs and outputs, and a lot of ground inputs and outputs. It will need to be controlled somehow, whether by existing keyfob or by a smartphone app via bluetooth. GPS tracking and a persistant data connection are possible, as well as a camera and/or voice-enabled alarm. Using an arduino as the platform makes it easy to build, easy to modify, and easy to learn how cars work. The entire project will be completely open, including source code and circuit diagrams.

This project is still in alpha stage. I am still collecting parts and working out the arduino code.

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    stevediraddo03/23/2014 at 14:07 0 comments

    Currently collecting components but the circuit diagram is just about complete. The only thing I'm worried about is that just about every vehicle has a different wiring scheme when it comes to positive/negative inputs. I will need a way to easily configure these in the circuit and in the code to make the device as flexible as possible. Newer vehicles also rely heavily on the CAN bus and will not be properly supported. Most vehicles after 2001 will require a separate ignition-bypass module. My prototype vehicle is a 2001 Honda CG2, which features a fuel-injector immobilizer via RFID in the key. Two options are using a transponder and blank programmed key (switched on and off by the VORP module) or a separate, third party module such as Blade.

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