Handheld Sound Generator

Motion based musical notes generator using muscular activity (EMG) and accelerometer signals.

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Electronic equipment which was used to generate sound according to the movements of the user. Two different sensors were used to measure different signals: an accelerometer detected the angular position of the user’s arm and Electromyography (EMG) electrodes correctly positioned detected the muscular activity in the same arm where the accelerometer was placed. Signals were amplified and processed , and a bluetooth module was responsible for transferring data to a computer. The software present in this computer acquired the information transmitted from the equipment and converted it into musical sounds. The characteristics of the generated sound could change dynamically, following the movements of the user. The software on computer was able to connect to the equipment, processing the information received and generating musical sounds. Pitch bend, volume and note duration parameters were modified by angular position of the arm and the note was triggered following muscular activity.

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