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Using a Raspberry Pi as an automated Photobooth

michaelalinkmichaelalink 04/01/2015 at 16:160 Comments

Using what I believe was an old camera equipment case, for the case. Big Red Button is going to be Start, Yellow buttons are for Up and Down arrows and Green Button for OK. LCD is 7" mounted it in a 5x7 picture frame, I was having trouble making a bezel for it, still need to matte it so the screws don't show. Camera is going to be mounted above the LCD.

The arcade buttons came with 12V lamps, I ordered replacement LED lamps, which I didn't look at voltage requirements on, they also take 12V (makes sense). Going to replace the resistor in the LED lamp so I can run them on 5V, then everything can run on one large 5V supply.

Up next mounting the electronics inside.