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A project log for Desert BRAT Microcamper

Last year I acquired a 1987 Subaru BRAT and a topper for it -- time to make a microcamper

the.fedorathe.fedora 03/11/2016 at 01:510 Comments

I've been having intermittent "driveablity" issues -- ie, the engine dies while driving and won't restart. Went through a series of diagnostics, and decided I needed to replace my ignition coil and fuel pump. It seemed to work, until I got back from out of town a few days ago and the BRAT wouldn't start. No gas going to the carb, but the fuel pump is all but brand new... backtracing the wiring diagram, the pump is connected to a "Fuel Pump Control Unit," which is sorta expensive and hard to find. So I pull it off and take it apart, there are three capacitors that look shot. $0.60 worth of new caps later, It seems to be fixed, though I still can't tell if the FPCU is properly priming the carb yet...if not, I'll just add an override switch for that...