Quantity   Component name
1 × 1987 Subaru BRAT 4WD micropickup made by Subaru in the 70's and 80's
1 × Topper Aftermarket truck cap, painted to match the BRAT. Tall version.
2 × 2x8 Dimensional lumber, 8' long, cut to make benches that fit over wheel wells
8 × Steel angle brackets
40 × 1-1/4" Screw I had 'em on hand... had to drill pockets to use them to secure the boards together before I put he brackets on...
1 × 6x4 Plywood Free from my landlord, cut into 3 19"x4' pieces, to make the platform that sits on the benches
1 × 104-5/8" Stud Cut in thirds, and used to reinforce the plywood
9 × Lag bolt, washer, and nut probably overkill, but I already had them
1 × Twin-size 4" memory foam My brother used it in college, didn't need it any more, so I took it -- it's really comfortable, I'll probably use it over my mattress when I don't need it in the camper