A haptic compass built into a hat.

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The HaptiCap is a hat designed to provide directional haptic feedback to the wearer. The prototype uses 8 vibration motors and is powered by an Arduino Nano.

My prototype is configured as a haptic compass, using a digital 3-axis magnetometer, it continuously indicates to the wearer the apparent North vector.

A more detailed write-up is available on Github:
  • 1 × Hat Any kind of hat works, beanie, baseball cap, etc.
  • 8 × Vibrator motor Small vibrator motors for haptic feedback.
  • 1 × Arduino Nano Arduino Nano or equivalent small microcontroller.
  • 1 × HMC5883L Breakout board (GY-573) Any 3-axis digital magnetometer will work, I used an HMC5883L. An MPU-9150 may be even better.
  • 1 × DC-DC Step-up transformer Need to take the battery voltage up to 9-12V.

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