Anime Expo 2014

A project log for LED Stegosaurus Spikes

Crashspace Matt came up to with an idea for an LED enclosure we can then sew into hoodies. I said let's do it!

metalnatMetalnat 07/01/2014 at 06:230 Comments

Sooo....  I've been entertaining some new projects due to some recent test cases and I've determined it would be just as easy to update this beast of a project.   Current update list:

Change the LED type to the WS2812 that we love to use so much. This called for change in the original file to narrow the hole to reinforce the now Nylon printed spikes.  Outside looks same but i like how the nylon diffuses the light. With mid density strips, the spike can each hold 4 pixels.

Change the Arduino from the Uno to the Yun.. for the reasons :)

Add springs to be sewn into hoody as a diy potentiometer.  With the signal pin being on a glove or other arm somewhere.  TBD still

Find hoody worth awesomeness,  possibly a first day find, seeing as how I'll be there all 4 days.

Maybe convert this thing to be removable... but that's a not necessary thing.  (I've got no problems ripping seams like a boss)

And as to why I'm going to the Yun....  I'm hoping to set up a web portal to make this an interactive piece.  The Wifi will be StegoHoody, so if you see it, then I have succeeded.  If not, Then maybe not so much, or I had turned it off.   I'm thinking I'm going to add a motor or other device to let me know if somebody is issuing commands,  Can't see the spikes when I'm wearing the hoody.  As always, if anyone sees me in the wild, feel free to say hey.  Now back to work.... 4 spikes in one day... think i can get a 5th one in.   if anyone knows a good resource other then setting up the REST commands through URL please share.