2048 Game

The hardware version of the addicting 2048 game. (

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Because I got addicted to the 2048 game (, I wanted to see if it is possible to recreate the game using an arduino chip (atmega 328) and 16x4 7 segment displays.

I started out with sourcing all the required hardware for the game. All of it is from eBay.
After I ordered all the components, I had to wait some weeks before I could actually start developping the PCB. I needed to check the real dimensions of the components before creating the PCB. So when finally my components arrived, I drafted the schematic in Eagle and send it over to some Chinese PCB manufacturer.

Waiting for my PCB, I started writing the code for the Arduino. I started out with the Javascript code from and converted this to C++ code for the Arduino. For testing this code I first started playing the game trough the serial connection on the Arduino.

At the end I solderded all the hardware which took some more time than anticipated.
  • 1 × sot-23 S9012 pnp transistor
  • 16 × 4-digit 7 segment displays
  • 1 × Arduino compatible board Together with a friend we already created an Arduino compatible board.
  • 8 × Custom PCB Designed in Eagle (quick and dirty design)
  • 24 × 74HC595 shift register Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

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John Bradnam wrote 05/07/2022 at 08:22 point

👍👍👍 - I just came across your version of 2048 after recently completing my implementation of the same game. I didn't use any off-the-shelf modules, so it is a bit more of a challenge to build compared to yours. It also uses 4 Digit 7 segment displays but is driven by a ATtiny1614 CPU. You can find my build at

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