First Prototype

A project log for ESP8266 Breakout Board

A simple breakout and programming board for the ESP-12e module

SukasaSukasa 01/24/2018 at 19:060 Comments

The first prototype PCBs came in last week, and the parts came in yesterday.  So of course I get my stuff together and I solder one up (note to self: get a proper soldering iron).

Worked..  not great.  Turns out, GPIO15 should be tied to ground and not VCC.  Whoops.  Thankfully fixing that in the prototype was as easy as desoldering one of the 10k resistors and shorting GPIO15 to ground with a solder bridge.  Already got the schematic and board corrected for the next run on this board.

Not sure I like the ADC pin on the board.  Might try to fit in some unpopulated resistor pads to make it more flexible.