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A project log for LED Pendent: Followers Eye

An LED Pendent to wear as a necklace that has an eye that follows you...

Stephen TranovichStephen Tranovich 01/24/2018 at 22:140 Comments

I want to wear something glowy and cool to Friday's Surrealist party, so I thought a glowing eye pendant would be right on the money.

By etching different images into the different layers of acrylic I think I can give an effect of having a pair of eyes follow you as you move around

I have a bunch of led strips left over from a massive LED project, so I decided to use these strips. Using 1/8 inch thick acrylic and 4 layers, I can use a gear shape on the center two layers to hold the LEDs, while using the front and back layers to hold them in place as full circles. Two outlines of black acrylic 1/4 inch goes around the outside to hold the whole thing in place. Screw holes hold the layers together and bind the inside to the outside.

I am using an LED controller purchased by Jopel to drive it, since I'm on too short of a schedule to whip up my own. Plus this controller is USB powered, which is great for running it on power banks.

Here's how it went so far!