House Points

Our kids get points for doing their chores - let's make that more interesting

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We have seven kids and are struggeling to get them to do their Chores, sometimes.

We tried a HousePoint System with lists and paperclips but that didn't worked out too well, so I thought a Digital System might be better and also it was a good excuse to finally build an API i Laravel.

The core is a RPi with a Node.js running, feeding a Website with Stats for our four oldest kids. It's extended by a physical button/RFID Reader (to be defined) so they can give house points to themselves, when we tell em to. Obviously it has an Anti Cheating mechanism, where my wife and i get a notification/auth request onto our mobile devices.

The Components are splitted into:

- GUI (Webfrontend, jQuery, Bootstrap)

- API (Laravel, JWT, Dingo)

- NodeJS Script (unirest, serialport) 

- Arduino with LCD/Poti/RFID Reader 

The Arduino is the physical Choreselector, where you can select the Chore you did, press your Chip to the reader and press the button, The Arduino sends it to the nodeJS via Serial, nodeJS sends a POST request to the API, which maps the RFID ID to a child and the task string to an available Task and sets it to status=done.

As Alternative you could login to the GUI and click a button from your Chores.

The GUI is also used to show the current Exp (+x for every solved Chore/Task)


Arduino LCD / Poti Controls / RFID Reader

ino - 2.84 kB - 02/26/2018 at 10:15



First Prototype for the ScoreBoard

JPEG Image - 3.14 MB - 02/23/2018 at 13:23


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