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Albert LathamAlbert Latham 02/28/2015 at 06:012 Comments

(**** right, its better than yours)


So I have used a dead ATX power supply case to house my SmoothieBoard. I think it works rather well. Could it be better? Of course! But I can only do so much. This project now has a very real deadline of late July. Life moves on whether your massive 3D printer moves with it. Because of the tight deadline I've managed to secure some funding to finish this thing and I'm rather excited to report that it will be featuring dual extruders and possibly even two inkjet print heads. The latter of the two is up in the air, but I think I might be able to swing it.

So, without further ado (and adon't), here is what I've managed this evening.

First, I modeled the boards mounting holes from this fellow's dimensions and printed it out. I set the Smoothie Board on the printout to make sure the holes were in the right place. After verifying that they were right in the most accurate way possible I taped the printout to the ATX power supply case and went to town.

The holes weren't drilled even close to the centers on the printout, however things seemed to work out. Once holes were punched I went about deburring in the worst possible way: by hand with a larger bore drill-bit. The pressed (and possibly galvanized) steel did not drill well and I think I bent the whole case out of shape.

Drilling and deburring complete, I mounted to board in place. It seems to fit rather well and I don't think any traces will short to the case.

Having successfully installed the Smoothie I punched holes for the SD card, ethernet port, and the USB port. I did some other stuff, too, but I didn't take any pictures.

From here I'll conclude modeling the interior in all its blocky glory and then on to the axes!


davedarko wrote 02/28/2015 at 08:41 point

neat board! looks perfect for a "little" cnc or laser cutter project, too. 

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Albert Latham wrote 03/02/2015 at 21:46 point

Honestly, the pins for the stepper drivers are broken out, you could wire this into any sized CNC machine and be just fine as long as you have the appropriate stepper drivers.

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