808nm laser

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A C12666MA Micro-Spectrometer and breakout board with Arduino compatible pinout.

Pure EngineeringPure Engineering 02/26/2015 at 06:490 Comments

I'm thinking about removing the 808nm laser and replacing it with a white led instead. This will allow for color measurements.

The reason why, is I am feeling the 808nm laser is too dangerous because the light is not visible and can blind you. If someone is determined one can always use an external laser. Also the ramen response from it is very low, without the proper fiber optics and filters.

I think the 404nm is viable enough so people will avoid blinding themselves, also the fluorescence spectra is quite visible with the sensor even in daylight and no optics, and this will have a number of good applications with it.

Anyone have any comments on this? Also any ideas for the best full spectrum light source?