3D LightSquared DIY Kit 8x8x8 3mm LED Cube White LED Blue Ray

Here are the detailed steps for your reference.

Power supply voltage: 4.5~5.5V

PCB size: 11.1*12.7CM

Listing:(some components more than need)

PCB x1

3mm white blue LED x512

XH2.54-40P round female pin x2

20P IC socket x9

74HC573 DIP x9

USB to DC005 cable x1

DC005 power socket x1

18P IC socket x1

ULN2803 DIP x1

40P IC socket x 1

STC12C5A60S2 (with code) x 1

A09-103 Resisters x1

8*8 Self-locking switch x1

10uf 25V electrolytic capacitor x2

12MHz crystals x1

22pf ceramics capacitor x2

470ohm resistor x8

4.7K ohm resistor x2

LED 3mm x1

0.8mm cable x1

Step 1: Check the Font & Back of the PCB

Step 2: Cut the 40P round female pin into single needle

Step 3: Remove the plastic package of the needle

Step 4: Start the soldering

Please be noted that do not put the chip in a wrong direction

Step 5: Make the 512pcs of LED as below

Step 6: Connect all the cathode side (8 layers) and fix to the controller board

Step 7: Soldering finished and check the effect