Randall Engineering "The Pocket Logic Analyzer"

A project log for sdramThing4.5 "Logic Analyzer"

An AVR, 128MB SDRAM DIMM, old laptop LCD, and a handful of TTL chips -- 30+MS/s 32-channel logic-analyzer interface for an analog 'scope

Eric HertzEric Hertz 04/26/2015 at 22:170 Comments

So, digging 'round my parts...

I came across this ol' thing... (in the title)

(Maybe I'll upload some pictures, or maybe I'll do a tear-down...?)

This was inherited from an old buddy's buddy who passed away...

Quite literally the *only* information on the unit itself is:

Inside there's no silkscreening... just "Randall Engineering" and "1992" so I don't have much to go on... Oh, also, the word "slow" written in *three* locations, including *twice* on the FPGA marked -125 (MHz?! 1992?!)

But I do have a slightly-corrupted 3.5in Floppy Disk!

And I've managed to get the application "ana.exe" running, somewhat, with mouse support!

"Pre-Release Version: Feb 4, 1995, 21:31:31"

I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling the guy I inherited this from mighta been working in cahootz with this "Randall" guy for devel...

There're some saved-waveforms, but otherwise I can't get the device communicating.

Anyways, was working on my new PIC32s, but came across this and got sidetracked (and a little surprised at the 100MHz achieved in 1992 with a handful of SRAMs rated at 25ns, when I can't seem to achieve better'n 30MHz with an SDRAM)