control of bot using bluetooth module

in this project i will let you know the easiest way of preparing the bot which can be controlled through blue tooth.

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This is a simple project which will demonstrate on how to construct an automated controlled car just by using an app in our smartphones.

We use a Bluetooth module to receive the signal sent by the Bluetooth spp app in your android mobile!!(You can download it from play store). Since, the motto of the paper is to prepare a dynamic bot, for which we need to design a code which can move the bot in all the possible directions. After the code is designed, to meet our requirements we need something that can store and functions the code for which we use a microcontroller. (The Bluetooth module will be interfaced with the micro controller where most of the work will be completed). Now we need a device which can automatically operate up to certain limit for a given command with the help of error sensing feedback for which we use servo motors (to run the wheels).

  • 1 × bluetooth module - hc05 you can use depending on your application.
  • 1 × microcontroller - TM4C123G arm processor if you know well about mc's you can try with other. but, i have uploaded the steps by considering above mc.
  • 1 × bread board and pcb to connect the wires. 1st try with breadboard if you get o/p then go with soldering.
  • 2 × battery operated motors we generally us these for continuous rotation.
  • 1 × l293d motor

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  • 1
    Step 1

    at first, i would suggest you to go for a readymade acrylic base, as it is not home made actually. i have uploaded the structure of my base. you can find many structures in google.

  • 2
    Step 2

    you need to have 4wheels of equal length, height and width. you need to maintain exact figure for all four.

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    Step 3

    attach the two l-293d motors to both the front tires.

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