The bracket that holds the guard on my Whipper-Snipper snapped. 

My model - TRADE TOOLS CG26A

No mention in the manual of spare parts and where to get them. No worries!, I think I know why it failed and I think I can design something better.

Using Solidworks I designed a new bracket with the aim to make the replacement stronger, less likely to fatigue and be more serviceable in the future. 

Design Tweaks

- I added a gusset in the middle under the clamp and increased the overall wall thickness.

- The current bracket was once piece, so to get it off the shaft the whole top head needed to come off before it. This was annoying so to make servicing easier I decided to clamp around the shaft from the top and bottom with 4 bolts. 

- I went with bolted assemblies over recessing the nut into the model to help with assembly. 

I need to get correct length bots and take a better assembly photo. 

My hope is anyone who has a similar model will find this page and the files and will print their own!