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A project log for UpLift Desk wifi link

Add a WIFI link to an UpLift Desk and control it remotley

Yadid RamotYadid Ramot 02/01/2015 at 00:140 Comments

The desk have 2 main electronic components - a relay box that controls the motors and a small wired remote that controls the relays and display current setting.

The remote have 7 buttons - UP, DOWN, 4 programmable heights and 1 button to program the 4 stored heights. the remote also have a small 3x7-segment/LED display that shows current height.

There is a standard RJ-45 connection between the remote and the relay box

There is an additional socket right next to the RJ45 connector that's just a little bit bigger than a standard phone jack (connector is currently not in use)

More about the desks -