What is Connect-PI?

Connect-Pi is an automation system with a responsive web app that is accessible on all smart phone, tablet and desktop devices. It is designed for your all automation projects and prototypes. Connect-PI consists of the following two main components:

Connect-PI Server

Connect-PI Server is basically a Raspberry PI powered web server. A web server runs on any Linux or Windows operating system. PHP has been used as a server-side scripting language.

Connect-PI Web Application

A web application is a responsive mobile web application based on open source Jquery mobile touch-optimised web framework. The web application will work on all popular smart phones, tablet and desktop devices and allows the user to control and monitor Arduino or any other micro controller based systems from anywhere in the world.

How it works?

Upload the Arduino sketch with Connect-PI library and connect Arduino and Connect-PI Server to your home router via Ethernet or WIFI.

You don't need to download any app, just use any smart phone or tablet to browse the web app that sits right here on your local Connect-PI server, through your home network. Through Kickstarter we hope to improve this web application to make it as intuitive and powerful as possible.

Adding more devices is very simple as you just need to configure the IP settings of the new devices. Connect-PI allows you to connect up to 10 devices out of the box but you can add more devices by simply configuring the IP addresses of the new devices.

How to use the web app?

We keep the user interface of our web app as simple as possible. The first screen will ask for your login details. On entering a correct log in details will take you to the main screen, where you can select and configure multiple devices you want to control and monitor. The main screen will also allow you to change the IP addresses and configuration of the devices.

Connect-PI Compatibility List

Connect-PI web application has been designed and developed to work on the following Browsers and Operating systems:

Following is the list of compatible Operating systems. Bear with us as the full functionality test is in progress and you will appreciate that this takes some time.

Connect-PI Web App Themes

Connect-PI web app comes with beautiful themes.

Where you can use Connect-PI?

Control your remote devices with push buttons having on/off indications

Operate your relays/switches with flip buttons having on/off indications

Monitor data from different sensors (Temperature, Humidity and Moisture)

Operate your garage door with keypad lock

Monitor alarms in your house

RGBW Lighting Control

Intuitive responsive design that looks awesome on any tablet device

Is it Open Source?

Yes, Connect-Pi is completely open source hardware and software product. Our Server is powered by Raspberry Pi and mobile web app will be available on Git Hub under open source license as well. So anyone can customise or add new features in Connect-PI.

Technical Specifications

Connect-PI Server

Communication Interface



Connect-PI Web App

Why Connect-PI?

Connect-PI will enable you to develop an intelligent control automation project in no time. The web app is compatible with almost all the popular smart phones and tablet. You do not need to install any app on your smart phones or tablet. The responsive design of the application allows you to use the web app in any orientation. (i.e. Portrait or Landscape)

Also you can build your own server on any operating system by using our server files. Therefore you do not need to rely on any remote servers or private cloud connections.


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