Quick mock up with received parts.

A project log for Reagent Robot

Automate the Reagent (take a sample, put a drop of stuff in, shake, look at the color) testing of water for Aquaponics, Ponds, Aquariums.

james-newtonJames Newton 02/19/2015 at 21:270 Comments

Note: This is all upside down. The motor will be on top, so water doesn't leak down into it.

Lovely laser cut parts from Pololu. The wiper paddle is /just/ a bit too high (apparently 1/4 inch plexi isn't 1/4 inch) so I will have to add a bit of padding with a sheet or 6 of transparency film or something. I just put the paddle on a bit of wire with a bit of thinner wire... need a better shaft and /tiny/ screws. The chamber is separated from the motor by some chip tube plugs that were laying about, but that will be the 90' elbows for the inlet and outlet. A water valve is shown to the right. The motor and valve are from Adafruit. OFF! To the Hardware store with it for elbows and screws and shafts and couplers.