Help! Is there a doctor (nurse, med tech, etc...) in the House?

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Automate the Reagent (take a sample, put a drop of stuff in, shake, look at the color) testing of water for Aquaponics, Ponds, Aquariums.

james-newtonJames Newton 07/29/2015 at 16:070 Comments

Folks, I need help. Does anyone have access to, or know how to access, basic medical supplies in small quantities? Everything I can find is a box of 20 when I need ONE! If I buy a huge box of each part, the price gets crazy fast, and without being able to play with the parts, I don't know if what I order will actually work.

Specifically, I'm building the injector pump for the reagent, and I've found designs that look pretty good using a servo to open and close a syringe, which would be hooked to a reservoir with two one way valves. The medical community calls them "back flow preventers" and they connect together with something call "luer loks". Also, there are curved hypodermic needles that would be perfect to deliver the reagent to the reaction chamber.

I need:

Here is a link to a very basic version (no reservoir or valves or needle) of the injector design I've selected: