A home-brew Z280 SBC

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I'm brand new to Zilog family of processors. I'm interested in Z80 and its derivatives mainly because there are so much knowledge in the retrobrew and vintage computers communities and people there are friendly and eager to share. I'm late to the party by about 30 years but find Z280 in particular quite an interesting processor. The integration of peripherals are expected, but cache, instruction pipelining, burst fill, MMU and traps are quite modern, at least on paper. Booting off serial port is a neat feature I'm going to use. I also want to play a bit with the multiprocessing features. The part is still available and quite cheap. I purchased 5 chips from utsource for $2.14 each. The design is simple enough that I won't bother with prototyping. The goal is to have a low-cost CP/M capable Z280 in pcb 10cm*10cm or smaller.

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