first badges sent off for manufacturing

A project log for LayerOne 2015 Badge

This years LayerOne conference badge.

charliexcharliex 04/21/2015 at 04:190 Comments

After a few prototype runs, and a delay due to some artwork changes to the LED board, it's gone off for manufacturing, using itead instead of silver circuits for the first time, so hope it works out. this is always the most stressful part. I haven't opened up the LED reels either, since i don't want to bake them.

CAM files are updated to the new drill format in eagle 7.2

added the now infamous ft232rl to the board, the interesting thing is the badge has the right tool set to reset the usb vid/pid on a counterfeit chip, but here's hoping i get real ones.

i left off some of the copper around the antenna but i doubt it'll do much of anything, i'm just curious. most of the breakouts are done, sd holders are in, waiting on usb micros to arrive, also wired up the phy eth1 leds.

all that is left is to check, add artwork and teardrop it, well at least all that is left before sending to PCB house. i didn't break out a couple of the pins, due to space, but we'll see, i'm sure if i don't i will regret it.

tent the vias, teardrops, check power classes, watch for crazy overlapped traces, hole sizes, miter the board corners, check the silks etc. we have a check list we always forget to check!