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A project log for Interactive Disco Dance Floor

A large interactive disco dance floor with hidden capacitive sensors

JeremyJeremy 08/20/2016 at 01:080 Comments

TL;DR I'm packing up the floor and heading out to Burning Man with it on Wenesday, August 26th. If you're on the playa, you can see it at 5:15 & D at The Future camp.

Quick Demo:

The Final Production

In my last post, I had put in my production order with MacroFab and was waiting for the boards to come in. Last Friday they arrived and it was beautiful!

Although, there was one problem...the blade connector for the touch sensor was missing from each board (the empty hole to the left of the Atmega chip). I emailed MacroFab and they bent over backwards to make up for the missing part. The good news is that, once I was in a rhythm, the part only took about 30 seconds to add to each board.

(Even though there was a mistake, I was really impressed with their customer service and how hard they worked to keep me happy. So I'm still a big fan of Macro Fab.)

A weekend of soldering and assembling and I had a full working dance floor! So far, the touch sensors are working pretty well. A few squares are a little too sensitive, but that can be tweaked in the software.

This was the goal I had 2 years ago, and it's finally coming together!

See you soon!

If you're out at burning man, come find me at The Future (5:15 & D).