A project log for Single Comparator/Op-Amp[?] Toggle-Flip-Flop

Imagining a pen-clicker, had to test my analogish-skills...

eric-hertzEric Hertz 01/26/2018 at 03:510 Comments

i've done 'em before, but not at my desired speeds...  I'm planning roughly 500khz for another project. Also, I didn't look closely at the edges,

I usually use Paul Falstad's online simulator, but it doesn't work so well on this phone, so branched out for a (woo, 24-hour...) trial of EveryCircuit. Seems pretty good, but not in my budget.

So, new component values. But looks like it should work great!

Then... I remembered that the LM311 I plan to use has a delay of 200ns.... erm.

So tried to simulate that... and it *dramatically* slows the toggle-frequency. Nevermind my source guarantees low-pulses down to 0.1us.

Also, not certain it'd still function with more real-world slew-rates at the input.

But, I'm still pretty content with this /wonky idea's functioning at all!