Control your Senseo with an Arduino Mini Pro

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I develop a controlpanel for Senseo hd7810 but it can use to simelar versions.

1. Control Button: Light LCD, ON/OFF Senseo, BIG cup coffee
2. LCD for Time and Status
3. RTC Module for get time
4. 2-Way-Relay to control buttons and split Arduino Vcc from Senseo Vcc with opto-coupler on Relay board
5. Arduino Mini Pro for control with code
6. PBC to connect modules

Love coffee and want to get one in morning without push one button, so i develop a control board. In next version it could get en ESP8266 to get Inet / wifi to control it.

I used a 2-Way-Relay-Board to trigger the buttons from automat.

I get an 220 Ohm resistor and copper cable to get connect.

  • 1 × Arduino Arduino Mini Pro
  • 1 × Relay 2 Way Relay Board
  • 1 × RTC RTC Board with I2C
  • 1 × Voltage Regulator LM 7805V
  • 1 × CAP´s Elco/Ceramic

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    Step 1

    LCD Code: soon on GitHub
    Arduino Code: comming soon

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Chris Wagner wrote 02/08/2015 at 19:59 point

Yeha, nice. Do you use BT? Or Wifi? I want to control it later over Wifi. I don´t want it start
too complicate, because i have other project, too. So i decide to use parts that i have, cheep, and for faster developing use better asia modules. The 1 and 2 version will not have feedback to controller, but for future it will be a good thing to work with Led.

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Superpomme wrote 02/08/2015 at 19:47 point

oh cool! I did this too, but with transistor switches rather relays. It works really nicely, but a suggestion I would give is to wire something up to the led too. I would do this if I re-made it. With that you could see when it is ready. It flashes as it is charging, and it's when it goes solid that it's ready to press the next button. you can time it, but if it has already done one cup it boils much faster so the time is wasted

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