CHS Doorbell

Plays the theme of my favourite cartoon as you enter the room

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This device is based on the low cost ISD1820 sound module. It can be found at various places in the internet for about 4 USD.

  • 1 × ISD1820 Sound Module 4 USD, 10 second recording time, needs 3 to 5 Volt power supply
  • 1 × 2AA battery holder
  • 1 × tactile switch OR reed switch Triggers the playback
  • 1 × (optional) power switch to turn off the device
  • 1 × (optional) case Protects the device and adds coolnessw

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    Step 1

    Wiring is pretty simple. Solder two wires to the battery holder. If you have a female 2.54mm pin header you can solder it to wires. Alternatively you can directly solder the wires to the pins on the board. Positive (+) goes to VCC and negative (-) to GND.

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