Wiring [Buttons]

A project log for Portable Raspberry Pi gaming handheld

Made from a Raspberry Pi 2 B, a 4,3" TFT screen, a powerbank and a modified SNES controller.

LumorLumor 09/25/2015 at 01:160 Comments

Finished wiring and testing all of the buttons except the L/R triggers, i'm waiting with those because i'm not sure yet how i'm gonna position those.
The etched D-pad PCB works great, i didn't have high hopes for that one but it worked out perfectly.

The next-and-last thing to do is build an amplifier + speakers and wire those in the portable. After that i can begin making the case. In the meantime i'll be searching for a better screen but they're hard to find.

I'm not really happy with the current screen, it has a low resolution and it is a bit small in my opinion.