MODULE 000 – Power & System Overview

A project log for CMOS Modular Synthesizer

Low-cost, high-effectiveness DIY modular synthesizer system aimed at beginners

Castle RocktronicsCastle Rocktronics 02/09/2015 at 03:290 Comments

The only module you will use 100% of the time. It's slightly dishonest to call it a power supply though, as really you use a DC wall-wart as the power supply, this is just a switch, an LED and a bus board. It uses generic connectors DIP spaced connectors (XH-2.54 type) to allow for easy attachment and detachment of modules for rearranging. There is a fuse so you can ignore current draw till it blows and then be thankful you had a fuse since you weren't tracking current draw (it's very low though). Also includes a daisy-chain output for powering guitar stompboxes off the same power supply and an external ground connection for interfacing with other synths and gear.

There is also a general overview of the system, including the colour scheme for the banana jacks, some generic circuit building blocks like input and output protection, and what the general ethos of this DIY project is.

– 4HP