3.3V Charge pump

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BROVER is a rover (like spirit/opportunity/curiosity and the likes) for balcony

SnegovickSnegovick 02/12/2015 at 01:270 Comments

I hate etching. No, really, it is boring. But anyway, today was etch-and-solder day. BROVER needs some good old 3.3V for msp430 which will be controlling the engines, so I took MAX1759 and made a basic board for it:

The only problem left with this dc-dc buck-boost converter is that it needs 0.33uF capacitor for its buck-boosting needs, but I only have 0.22uF, so here is the result:

Which is a 200mV bump, which is not good. Will have to look for 0.33uF again.