We are currently at Kite v1.  We have built various prototypes with Kite v1 - many custom smartphones, an in-car prototype, and even made an Android desktop with HDMI output!

We tried to raise funds for, an improved version, Kite v2, on KICKSTARTER.

The crowdfunding attempt wasn't successful.  We are trying to figure out the best way to create the Kite v2.

Basically, Kite v2 will be an improved design with a powerful new core board - KiteBoard v2 - based on Snapdragon 450.  KiteBoard v2 will be open hardware (unlike KiteBoard).  The crowdfunding campaign closes on May 27tth.

Kite's design is reasonably well documented in this post. The design & key ideas behind Kite v2 are available in this post.

Some of the capabilites of Kite v1 are explained in this video:

A few detailed posts serve to reasonably document what it takes to build some of the prototypes:

Kite consists of:

The complete kit is pictured below, except for the 3D printed parts:

KiteBoard (http://www.kiteboard.io/) is a compact, low power, single board computer that integrates complete connectivity (4G, WiFI/BT), GPS, sensors, powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with excellent processing & multimedia features. KiteBoard is highly extendable - it has separate connectors for all important interfaces. Kite complements KiteBoard with important components, resulting in a complete smartphone design that is highly customizable.

Kite empowers makers to build their own phones that are customized to meet their exact needs.  Various types of customization are possible (be sure to look at the gallery & video):

Kite is not limited to phones - it can be used to build various devices that could use the features of a smartphone - connectivity, location & intelligence (Drones anyone?)  With Kite, your ideas & hacks go with you in your pocket - they are no longer confined to your desk...

Kite provides a platform that is full featured, yet eminently extendable -- and more importantly, extendable with commonly available items. Kite's design places a strong emphasis on letting people create their own form of modularity. 

Kite is a work in progress.  The Kite project aims to provide makers with the tools required to build a pocket friendly, completely connected, high performance device with cutting edge features.  Kite will be made available to makers, hobbyists, students, researchers, enthusiasts, and startups via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Preparations for this are in progress.

This project is hosted on Hackaday for a few reasons:

If you want to know how a phone is built & works,  jump right in. Feel free to browse this project, and get in touch. We are sure you'll have a great time & hopefully we'll all build something useful.