A Diagram for the Hackers Soul

A project log for Autoflower

A Raspberry Pi based automated grow controller for medical marijuana.

Greasy NicholsGreasy Nichols 02/15/2015 at 14:210 Comments

Whipped up a little diagram for your viewing pleasure:

Of course, sensors and outlets aren't limited to 8, but you get the point. Still haven't found out if the slice of radio is capable of sending signals to switch the wireless outlets or if it's stuck with Ciseco's protocol. The Openmicros site is down at the moment, so no support for me. If it is the case that it can handle this task, we'd get rid of the 433 mhz kit. Another alternative would be scrapping the slice of radio and using the 433MHZ kit instead, but I'm too lazy to make that work with Cisecos modules when the slice of radio is so simple.