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A project log for Autoflower

A Raspberry Pi based automated grow controller for medical marijuana.

proteanvibeproteanvibe 02/18/2015 at 00:320 Comments

The wireless outlets use a very trivial protocol. We grabbed some codes from the rfoutlet project. After converting the codes into binary, and some trial and error, the pattern becomes apparent.

The protocol is a 20bit "identifier" followed by the ON / OFF code (0011 / 1100, respectively). The outlets can learn from either an ON or an OFF code. Each code is paired with its significant other automagically.

So, for example, the lowest code pair that works is:

000000000000000000010011 (ON Code)  (19)
000000000000000000011100 (OFF Code) (28)
The largest being:
111111111111111111111100 (OFF Code) (16777212)
111111111111111111110011 (ON Code)  (16777203)

We tested this with rfoutlet's codesend.cpp, using a pulsewidth of 189.